How we do business

Complete professionalism in the management of each and every project we undertake is a foundation of our organisation and can be summed up by a small but pivotal list of key performance requirements we measure ourselves against:

Clear direct communication:

Having a full and complete view of each project through all stages of development, is vital. We have a very down to earth approach where ‘transparency’ in our management is not a throwaway cliché - but a reality. We offer a range of reporting devices such as weekly status reports, cost progress statements, project management schedules, critical path production reports, full post-project reviews etc. that keep everyone in the picture - from start to finish. We need to be utterly confident that our clients understand the full mechanism of creative development and implementation in every way - so that we know we are all working to the same end.

Transparency in work methodology and budget management:

Another aspect of our continual dialogue with our clients is the defining of brief parameters, costing projections and updates.  Strategic planning that clearly outlines each stage of the Hound & Steed methodology and the clients’ project requirements coupled with a variety of scheduling administration processes ensure we all have a clear view of the task ahead before any worked is commenced and during project implementation. Nothing is activated until we have complete approval from our clients - no nasty surprises after the fact.

Compilation of the right team:

Hound & Steed does not believe that ‘one size fits all’ in our creative and account/ project management team. Each client has unique needs, therefore we utilise our extensive network of specialist contributors and suppliers to get the correct and appropriate mix of individuals who combine to create a specific team in response to the requirements of the project.

Organisational dexterity:

Hound & Steed believes that a fundamental need in contemporary business practice is the ability to offer our clients complete flexibility in our service delivery. This is illustrated by our practice of staffing with experienced practitioners, both creative, account management, marketing and media staff, who bring a rigour that only well-seasoned professionals can offer. We know what we are doing and have the assurance of industry mileage under the belt that offers us the maturity to apply ourselves to the most challenging of circumstances.

Understanding the market place:

Great creative and account management is mandatory in our industry; however, talking the right ‘language’ to the right audience is another thing entirely. This takes an authoritative stance, supported by credible research and analysis, constant observation of cultural change and the study of demography. Hound & Steed has a policy of thorough foundation research, complete immersion in the clients’ organisation, including historic and future aspirations, and assimilation of broader industry activity before brief development is engaged.

Keeping it simple:

Hound & Steed believes in demystifying the process of campaign development and application. We know that the successful management of a client account, no matter how big or small, requires a refined methodology based on direct, concise and effective work mechanisms. Complete transparency in our practice is pivotal to this - you get straight talking, no-nonsense interaction with our team and a work process that is solution focused and resolution driven.