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Your business success is our business success

We enjoy working with clients that know that understanding their market is the only way to respond to consumer needs in a relevant, effective and productive way. It’s about your business achieving its goals, whether that is growth, product/service development, diversity, brand equity building or sales and leadership in the sector.

From qualitative and quantitative research, to analysis, to identifying clear and defined goals, aspirations and KPIs, to internal and external communications we have the understanding and expertise.

As a full service agency we also specialise in all PR services. Unlike many PR companies we are an advertising agency that has vast experience in all strategic, brand, external communications and media services. When a client engages with us they are working seamlessly with one agency - not a series of out sourced contractors with each cost being marked up and the inflated costs handed on to the client.

We can ascertain your individual needs and work with you to develop a robust and effective public relations and external communication strategy that not only works, but is affordable.

When you want to protect, enhance or build your reputation through use of the media we can analyse your business or organisation, find the right messages and translate that into positive and effective media stories.


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This is just a taste of our work - let's chat about your needs

We engage in responsive and intensive consultation with our clients working as collaborators rather than dictating our philosophy or direction. Our approach is about including the client in the process, being transparent, respectful and sensitive to the needs of the client - creatively, strategically and culturally.

“From concept to creation – Hound and Steed have made us feel like part of their family. They really took the time to get to know and understand us as a charity and what our purpose is. Creativeness abounds in their team and they have brought a new and vibrant look to how CatWalk says Hi to the world. Attention to detail, getting it right and being proud of what they present – Hound & Steed are the team to be partnered with! “

Chris Lovelady | Relationship Manager, Catwalk New Zealand

“Hound and Steed have been instrumental in establishing and evolving The Hub brand. As the Centre has gown and shifted focus they have been able to evolve our stylebook to reflect each change providing an evolution and continuity whilst introducing significant change seamlessly. If you are looking for an agency that can produce material on par with the biggest industry players but is able to provide clients with boutique level of account management then Hound and Steed should be on your short list.”

Jason Marsden, The Hub

There is no substitute for mileage under the belt

We have a practice of only staffing with experienced practitioners, creative, account management, marketing and media staff, who bring a rigour that only well-seasoned professionals can offer.