Changing brand positioning

The University of Canterbury brand needed to reinstate belief with both internal and external stakeholders; from senior academic management teams right through to the entire marketplace of students interested in enroling. We developed a campaign that communicated a compelling statement of quality, academic achievement and industry relevance, while being visually dynamic and appropriately ‘cool’.

We believed the core message must be one of authority. This campaign was about a direct person-to-person connection making the message personal, human, honest and loaded with eye-to-eye integrity.

We arrived at what we termed an ‘evidential’ premise. ‘Talent’ were drawn from the student body and a broad range of alumni – New Zealand and offshore-based. This diverse range of individuals were selected to appeal to every stakeholder group targeted, represent each academic college and respect the appropriate mix of gender, race and age.

The logo form could not be changed, however, we developed a graphic device that re-framed brand architecture, combining a linear secondary element creating a bridge between logo form and content. Photographic treatment was designed to be almost filmic in character. We captured ‘talent’ in a natural environment to form the basis for dialogue between them and the audience.