A project dear to our hearts

Supporting the rebuild of Christchurch is a task dear to our hearts, therefore we were delighted to be able to partner with Ōtākaro Limited to develop a range of internal communications that were designed to inspire and support their large and diverse team. As the organisation that is spearheading the delivery of Crown-led Anchor Projects in Central Christchurch and divesting the balance of Crown land, Ōtākaro Limited interacts with a large and dynamic group of stakeholders, clients, suppliers and the public, which can be demanding and complex for the various teams of staff.

Our brief was to develop a 'graphic language' that was a fun, energetic, stimulating and approachable and would act as a mechanism for sharing the primary goals, benchmarks and performance requirements of Ōtākaro Limited whilst inspiring the staff. The brand was already established in the market place so we worked within an existing colour and typographic palette, however the treatment of layout structure and image content was all H&S.