The taste of a great project

Introducing the taste of an authentic Indian street food restaurant to the CBD of Christchurch demanded we create a compelling, inviting and unique brand that would encourage diners to brave returning to the city centre. One of the most significant aspects of the brief was to develop a brand that could not be perceived as a traditional neighbourhood Indian restaurant - dine in or takeaway.

We undertook significant research exploring the feel, atmosphere and vitality of the street kitchens in Mumbai. Colour, textures and cooking tools inspired our creative direction. One of the creative challenges was to capture the organised chaos of street level life in Mumbai, the exotic smells and tastes of the cuisine and the singularity of this unique dining experience in Christchurch.

The campaign has been applied to the fit-out, signage, advertising, website and social, stationery and all in-house elements such as menus, glassware etc. Working with a ‘dream’ client meant we enjoyed the fun of having an open brief and creative licence to explore a fresh graphic style that took risks. Punters keep taking the menus as souvenirs, so we have to assume we have developed a brand that resonates with the consumer!