Offering our support

Giving our pro bono support to the inspirational team at MND New Zealand has been a labour of love, which we have continued into 2017. We have worked with the national management team to reposition this worthy and hard working organisation in the hearts and minds of the public and all their many stakeholders. There was a strong desire to lift the profile of the organisation and the devastating effects of the disease itself. Funds raised are invested the development of finding a cure - a long and challenging task, but one that we are all determined to achieve.

Our task over the last several years has been to develop all print and promotional collateral for the annual fund raising event throughout New Zealand. This has comprised of a broad variety of media including TVC’s, radio campaigns and redevelopment of the MND website. Our management team have also offered strategic and media advice and implementation - from forming sponsorship relationships with media organisations to booking placements. We are delighted with the response to our collective efforts - this year raising over $100,000 during the Walk to D’Feet MND event.

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