A bold new direction

Meadows is an iconic company in New Zealand and is a leading producer of mushrooms. Based in Christchurch it has led the way in produce production and supply to the national marketplace since 1970. We were proud to have the opportunity to rebrand the company and the entire product range.

The client was excited to explore a fresh new creative direction for every facet of the packaging combination; from produce trays to on-pack labels through to storage and delivery cartons. Having undertaken extensive market research; the fact that consumers wanted to know all about the health benefits of mushrooms rang loud and clear.

The client wanted a contemporary design style direction with heavy emphasis on typographic communication and the delivery of information that could educate and inform the consumer. The selection of the brand colour palette was critical where various colours were trialled against the individual product and tested instore before final approval. We wanted to give the other veg in the produce environment ‘a run for their money’ and take a monochromatic vegetable and give it life and vitality. Working with the Meadows team has been a delight – it is rare to have such a forward thinking open and progressive approach to a creative partnership. So watch this space - more coming soon!