Reflecting the changing face of retail

Offering its consumer catchment a fantastic variety of stores and services, while welcoming everybody to be part of the local community is a core function of The Hub, Hornby. Having an energetic, fun and inviting external communications strategy is vital for a complex retail environment such as a suburban shopping mall.

The logo form was well entrenched before we began working with The Hub - however after significant renovations and extensions to the location The Hub wanted to explore a brand position that related to its changing consumer demographic. Imagery, clean typographic treatment and a clearly defined layout structure were the foundations of the brand 'refresh'. The colour palette was inspired by the use of walls of leaves in the new ​fit-out therefore a bold use of green was introduced in both the colour block and the imagery.

The website was designed to function with ease, offer information up front to guide The Hub customers through everything retail and literally be a community ‘hub’ updating local news, events and important public notices.

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