From pasture to plate

ANZCO Foods is one of New Zealand’s largest exporters with sales of NZ $1.3 billion and more than 3,000 employees worldwide. A dynamic multinational company, ANZCO Foods core business activities are focused on the procurement, processing and marketing of the best beef and lamb grown in New Zealand and exported to more than 80 countries around the world.

Established leaders in the industry, ANZCO wanted to move into the future with a fresh, modern and proudly New Zealand creative direction. Colours, imagery and graphics were inspired by our unique cultural icons, our landscape and ANZCO’s commitment to exploring global new horizons.

The koru is the quintessential New Zealand icon, representative of regeneration and renewal. The colour palette ranged from a deep blue, reminiscent of the sea, mountains and lakes, while the fresh green got its inspiration from New Zealand’s rolling hills, pastures and forests. Colours combine to give both a sense of tradition and an energetic vibrancy while variation in the type nods to the linkage of ANZCO to the rest of the world.