Brave new world

Once in a while we get to work with a client that has a completely open brief, who wants to explore uncharted land and with the confidence to do so. This was the case when we worked with local Barrister Angela Corry. 

Angela was very keen to explore a ‘monogram’ using her initials A,M and C - a challenging combination for our designers to grapple with, however we did not want this traditional graphic structure to be conventional in any way, we wanted a contemporary, sophisticated and elegant solution that suited the clients personality and the professionalism she brings to her practice.


Most Barristers have a very conservative approach - but not so with Angela. She wanted a brand that would ‘speak’ of her professionalism and personality. Over a significant period we explored a range of logo concepts and arrived at the logo form and typographic treatment both we and the client feel fitted the brief and set the scene for the development of her online presence and other print collateral.

Angela Corey WebsiteAngela Corey Website
Angela Corey LogoAngela Corey Logo
Angela Corey Business CardAngela Corey Business Card